Make up optičke iluzije koje su očarale svet

Mimi Choi je tridesetjednogodišnja make up umetnica iz Vankuvera za kojom je poludeo ceo Instagram. Zbog čega?

Uz pomoć šminke stvara prava umetnička dela. Optičke iluzije koje je osmislila nateraće vas da se zapitate šta se zapravo dešava na fotografiji.

Bez upotrebe fotošopa i ulepšavanja fotografija, Mimi svakodnevno iznenađuje novim kreacijama.

Pogledajte neke od njenih najlepsih i najčudnijih kreacija.

EYE OR LIP??? 👁👄👁 • I painted this eye on my lip using MAKE UP FOR EVER @makeupforeverofficial @makeupforeverca Aqua XL ink liners and color paints. 🎨 Very happy that my eye doesn't look like a child's drawing anymore. 😂 Would you believe me if I told you that I did not know how to draw at all 3 years ago? This is not a result of talent, but a result of hard work, persistence, practice, practice and more practice. If you want something bad enough, if you work on it long enough, if your focus is to compare only to yourself yesterday, trust me – you will get it one day, whatever it is. Don't get me wrong – this eye definitely is not perfect but as long as it's slightly better than my last eye drawing, it's already a win for me. ✌🏼😬 #performincolor

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This is #MAKEUP on my hand 🤙🏼 • UNI #SUSHI HAND MAKEUP 🍣 using @dermaflage "Pus" applicator, and hand-painted using @kryolanofficial Aquacolors and Supracolors. Sprayed the whole hand with MAKE UP FOR EVER @makeupforeverofficial @makeupforeverca Mist & Fix for extra juiciness. #sushimakeup #unisushi #seaurchin #handpainting #handmakeup #sashimi ___________________ A lot of people ask me how I pull these things off and how I come up with these ideas. I think the reason why it works is because I literally force my ideas to happen in real life. 😅 I try not to dismiss an idea just because it seems too crazy or impossible to achieve – I try anyway. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but that's ok! Every little project that I do teaches me something new so I'm always gaining from it no matter what. I usually come up with silly ideas when I'm feeling sleepy at night, and sometimes I'll write them down so that they won't slip. My fiancé @andrewy527 also inspires me with tons of unusual ideas. This particular piece was inspired by our epic Japan trip years ago where I had the most amazing uni of my life. 👅💦

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Autor: Zorana Puretić
Photo credit: Instagram @mimles


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